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At Contain, we work with controlled environment agriculture equipment vendors of all stripes to offer their interested buyers financing options for vertical farm, greenhouse, hoophouse and container farm equipment purchases.

We utilize our controlled environment agriculture network and diverse channels to promote our vendors and showcase their offerings, crafting a range of compelling content to spotlight our collaborative efforts and drive increased visibility for vendors.

Contain works with a wide range of farm equipment vendors, from companies with just a few years' experience in the industry to long-established multinationals. We work with vendors based all over the world, though we ask that you already be selling in the North American market. Working with Contain does not require exclusivity, nor complex agreements. Learn more about how we work with vendors and apply to join our vendor community below.


Whether you’re building a brand new hoophouse, looking to acquire your first container farm or expanding your existing greenhouse or vertical farm, the Contain team can help you find financing for your indoor grow.

Contain has been working on controlled environment agriculture financing for more than five years. We are specialists in the industry, you won’t need to explain your horticultural lighting choice or guttering system to us as our team includes experienced indoor farmers as well as those who have been supporting them for more than a decade.

We have built a lender community of more than 30 banks and equipment leasing firms, all of which are familiar with funding greenhouses, vertical farms and container farms. We do not charge for application. We work with farmers from all walks of life, from urban farming startups, to non-profit farms and long established family farms.

Working with Contain’s vendor community is a great way to get started on your farming journey. You can see more details of 70+ vendors below. Working with a Contain vendor speeds up your path to financing for your farm as we already have an established relationship with the vendor and know that they are acceptable to many in our lending community.

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    To help you find equipment vendors that are a fit for you, we've categorized them by equipment type below.