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About Crecer Lighting

Crecer Lighting , based in the USA, specializes in the production of LED lighting , offering a selection that caters to both commercial and small-space cultivators. The company emphasizes integrating the specific needs of customers with current LED technology to create indoor plant lighting that are functional.

Possessing a background rich in horticulture science and a wealth of experience, the company utilizes innovative technologies in their manufacturing processes. This foundational knowledge in the realm of horticulture allows them to understand the impact of light on various plant species, including basil, herbs, and flowers. Consequently, they have managed to develop LED lighting that distribute a spectrum of light conducive to plant growth.

Geared towards indoor cultivation environments, the products from Crecer Lighting are conceived through modern technologies, ensuring the availability of solutions for a diverse group of cultivators. These LED lights  are crafted to accommodate the distinct requirements of varying cultivation spaces, be it commercial setups or more confined areas.

The company operates an online platform where customers can browse and purchase products, with the provision of complimentary shipping within the USA and Canada. In addition, Crecer Lighting facilitates financing options for commercial cultivators, this being facilitated through a collaboration with Contain Inc.

Feedback from customers indicates a general satisfaction with the products offered by Crecer Lighting. The testimonials often highlight the quality and performance of the LED lights, emphasizing aspects such as strong PAR readings and overall product effectiveness. Moreover, the customer experience is often noted to be enhanced by the meticulous packaging and supplementary accessories that accompany the product.

In summary, Crecer Lighting functions as a recognized manufacturer of LED lights in the industry. The company’s approach, rooted in addressing customer requirements through the integration of extensive horticultural expertise and modern technology, renders them a dependable option for individuals seeking indoor lighting solutions for plant cultivation.


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