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About LettUs Grow

LettUs Grow is a company engaged in offering aeroponic container farm systems. Their primary offering is the DROP GROW Aeroponic Container Farm System, which integrates aeroponic technology with Ostara farm software to create a vertical farming system. This system is designed to be both efficient and scalable, providing an avenue to produce fresh and sustainable food throughout the year.

The DROP GROW aeroponic container farm system is known for facilitating controlled environments that potentially enhance growth rates. The company’s team, comprising growers and researchers, has developed predefined crop recipes that aim to yield healthy produce in a timeframe shorter than what traditional farming methods usually require.

Aeroponics, a method used in their systems, is noted for promoting faster crop growth compared to several other farming techniques. This method utilizes a nutrient-rich mist instead of traditional soil and water mediums, which possibly facilitates better oxygen access for the crops. The system’s ability to grow crops relatively quickly while using considerably less water than conventional outdoor farming methods marks it as a more environmentally conscious choice. Moreover, the use of this method negates the necessity for pesticides or harmful chemicals.

The Ostara farm software, integrated into LettUs Grow‘s systems, permits the automation and remote management of the farming process. It offers a comprehensive overview of various aspects like lighting, irrigation, and environmental conditions, helping farmers in making informed decisions and optimizing plant growth through data analysis. This software can be accessed via different devices, offering convenience for users managing their farming operations.

LettUs Grow‘s container farms come in three sizes, catering to different scales of operations from pilot projects to larger initiatives. These container units are modular and can be transported easily to diverse locations, potentially utilizing spaces like car parks or yard areas effectively. This approach potentially offers a flexible solution for farmers keen on localizing food systems.

To assist both new and seasoned growers, LettUs Grow offers training and continuous technical assistance. Their team, which includes growers, engineers, and business development professionals, work towards facilitating successful container farm projects, offering support and prioritizing customer satisfaction during the process.


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