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About GrowRay

GrowRay operates in the indoor farm technology sector, concentrating on crafting advanced LED lighting solutions that aim to foster ideal plant growth and enhance biomass production. The company collaborates closely with a team of horticultural scientists and engineers, intending to equip growers with reliable LED fixtures and modern technology to augment cultivation procedures.

The business maintains a grower-owned relationship with its parent entity, NOBO. This collaborative venture facilitates the design and creation of an LED lighting solution, chiefly devised for plant factories and greenhouse setups. The primary objective of this endeavor is to optimize biomass output, along with the modulation of plant profiles, facilitating optimal yields and efficiencies.

GrowRay’s LED fixtures are noted for their high energy efficiency, potentially diminishing energy utilization by around 35% when compared to the older HPS technology. This aspect can translate to noticeable energy savings for cultivators. To further enhance the energy savings, the company also facilitates rebate support, assisting growers in leveraging available incentives and rebates.

These LED fixtures are designed to provide a uniform light spread across the plant canopy, aiming for the best photosynthetic photon flux density (PPFD) for each plant. The product development involved substantial academic research and consultations with licensed cultivators and experts in the field of horticulture. This has led to the creation of a thermally efficient design that emphasizes durability and dependability, utilizing components such as graphite thermal circuit boards and sturdy heat sinks to maintain steady performance and limit maintenance needs.

Apart from focusing on lighting solutions, GrowRay is keen on nurturing a cooperative and open network of cultivation experts who prioritize low cost of goods sold (COGS). The company adopts a collaborative approach, working alongside customers to develop and share best practices, and offering ongoing support to refine cultivation plans and operational procedures.

GrowRay stands by the reliability of its products, providing a comprehensive 7-year warranty and adopting a customer-focused approach. Having collaborated with leading organizations in the indoor farming sector, the company has established itself as a credible source of LED lighting solutions for commercial cultivators.


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