Location: Helsinki, Finnland


About iFarm

iFarm, stationed in Helsinki, Finland, is a firm specializing in vertical farming technology. Their focus is on facilitating cost-efficient and sustainable vertical farming solutions, leveraging current technological developments. The company enables the cultivation of fresh produce within a managed environment throughout the year.

The company presents various indoor farming systems such as Leafy Greens, StackGrow, Microgreens, Berries, Veggies, and Container setups. These hydroponic strategies are fully mechanized, which leads to consistent harvest yields and streamlined sales planning. Furthermore, it allows for high plant density and energy conservation, requiring minimal manual input. These strategies are modular and can be adjusted in scale, making it accessible for growers of different sizes to participate.

A prominent advantage of utilizing iFarm’s services is the provision of stable indoor growing conditions throughout the year. This controlled setting sidesteps the restrictions encountered in conventional farming, including seasonal shifts and fluctuating weather conditions. iFarm‘s infrastructure grants growers comprehensive control over the cultivation circumstances, fostering optimal growth and yield.

Moreover, the technology developed by iFarm is characterized by significant water conservation, with a reduction of up to 95% in water usage compared to traditional farming methods. This is attained through sophisticated hydroponic systems that repurpose water, curtailing wastage and augmenting efficiency. iFarm‘s dedication to environmentally conscious practices also encompasses pesticide-free farming in a controlled setting, which ensures the output is fresh, healthy, and has a lesser ecological footprint.

The company facilitates efficient and straightforward farm management and monitoring through an advanced digital system. This setup offers real-time data and analytics, assisting growers in making educated decisions and enhancing their agricultural endeavors. iFarm also provides comprehensive support services, encompassing design, software, and setup assistance, guaranteeing clients have access to essential tools and resources for prosperous indoor farming.

By utilizing technology proficiently, iFarm is modifying the traditional approach to cultivating and accessing fresh produce, contributing to a more sustainable agricultural landscape.


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Images courtesy of Unsplash