Location: Langley, BC, Canada


About CubicFarms

CubicFarms is a company that develops indoor farming technology, concentrating on creating solutions to facilitate localized and sustainable food production. The company develops grow systems to assist in reducing the complications associated with lengthy supply chains and unpredictable farming conditions. Their automated and modular farming technology is structured to enable farmers to cultivate good quality food and livestock feed indoors in a controlled setting.

The organization presents two main systems: the CubicFarm System and the HydroGreen Grow System. The CubicFarm System employs a distinctive technology known as Crop Motion, which replicates the outdoor growth environment indoors for plants. This indoor farming technology aims to make efficient use of space and lessen the environmental footprint. The system operates by moving trays in a continuous path, aiming to make the best use of cubic space and limit the use of land and water resources, while also conserving energy and labor.

Additionally, the HydroGreen Grow System is available for livestock producers to cultivate feed indoors, offering a dependable and regular supply of fresh feed for livestock. This method addresses issues such as land limitations, water scarcity, and unpredictable climate conditions. Utilizing this system could potentially decrease production expenses, lower greenhouse gas emissions, and enhance the welfare of livestock.

Acknowledging the pressing global requirement for a sustainable and proficient food supply chain, CubicFarms actively engages in devising technology and solutions that could contribute to advancements in the agriculture sector. The company focuses on enhancing crop yields and reducing environmental impacts, advocating for local food and feed self-sufficiency.

Emphasizing the necessity for cooperation and alliances, CubicFarms maintains connections with investors, staff, and supporters within the ecosystem to aid in the modification of the existing agriculture infrastructure. They endeavor to develop farming technologies that resonate with the evolving needs of the global community, steering the sector toward a future with reduced hunger.

The company, with its main office located in Langley, British Columbia, Canada, operates a subsidiary named HydroGreen in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, USA. They are committed to fostering innovation and sustainability in the agriculture sector.

For individuals interested in keeping abreast of recent developments in the agriculture sector, CubicFarms shares a range of information via their news and media segment, where users can find articles and updates on the company’s latest innovations.

In essence, CubicFarms is invested in contributing innovations that may potentially alter the landscape of future farming practices.


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