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About HortiPower

HortiPower is a firm engaged in the creation of effective grow light solutions for different horticultural needs including indoor farming, tissue culture, and greenhouse gardening. It provides an array of HortiPower aimed at facilitating the growth and development of plants, assisting growers in nurturing robust plants throughout the year.

The HortiPower from HortiPower cater to a wide audience, including home gardeners, individuals with an interest in indoor plants, and professional growers. These HortiPower are available for purchase on the company’s website, with an offering of complimentary shipping within Europe. The products also have a global reach, being accessible in various other regions.

A notable product from the company is the Nurser 3 grow light. This item is adaptable for a range of activities such as initiating seed growth, cultivating small leafy vegetables, and nurturing edible flowers. It caters to home growers with limited space or those who wish to bypass unpredictable weather conditions, facilitating the cultivation of fresh produce at home. Furthermore, it stands as a valuable tool for commercial growers involved in tissue culture propagation and microgreen production.

Moreover, the company offers the HortiPower Mesh, a product geared towards the needs of professional indoor farming. This product provides effective light penetration, proving beneficial for the cultivation of larger fruit-bearing vegetables, flowering plant species, and medicinal herbs, serving as a dependable lighting solution for indoor farming initiatives.

Initiated by a group of individuals with considerable expertise in the horticultural sector, HortiPower focuses on the production of quality HortiPower characterized by energy efficiency, ease of installation, and user-friendliness. The team collaborates with both scientists and growers to fashion products that align with the distinctive requirements of their client base.

In essence, HortiPower presents a varied selection of HortiPower suitable for diverse indoor plant cultivation endeavors, encompassing home gardening setups to larger commercial establishments. Their offerings facilitate plant growth and nurturing, simplifying the process for growers to raise healthy and vibrant plants throughout the year.


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