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About EcoSprout

EcoSprout is a company specializing in hydroponic vertical farm systems primarily for small to medium-scale growers. They present a commercial technology, named Sprout, which is adaptable, economical, and maintains a certain quality standard. This technology is created using components from the German company, Aponix, and is structured to facilitate ease of use, scalability, and efficiency in vertical farm operations.

Sprout’s technology grants growers the ability to select a watering system that suits their preferences, including options such as hydroponic drip, aeroponic, or sprinkler systems. Moreover, the system allows for either isolated or interconnected configurations, accommodating specific growing needs through customization in its design.

One of the notable attributes of the Sprout system is its considerable growth density. The standard setup, which comprises 10 rings, accommodates as many as 119 plants, with provisions to expand the structure for greater capacity by adding more rings. Additionally, EcoSprout provides individualized assistance to help design a system that aligns with each grower’s distinct requirements.

In terms of manufacturing, the Sprout system adheres to strict quality standards, incorporating German engineering principles and utilizing lead-free PVC materials. This ensures that every component is durable and reliable, standing up to extensive testing processes. The system’s modular nature allows for the cultivation of a diverse range of plants with varying root structures, facilitating expansions or modifications as necessary.

EcoSprout is driven by the goal to offer scalable, integrated vertical farm solutions that streamline the cultivation process for growers in the small to medium scale bracket. Identifying a gap in the market for such solutions, the company developed Sprout as a viable solution, which eventually led to the formation of EcoSprout.

Focused on promoting food resilience and sustainability, EcoSprout assists growers in commercial food production across varying scales, from garages to greenhouses. Through sustained research, development, and testing phases, the company aims to maintain a progressive stance in the industry.

By collaborating with EcoSprout, growers can anticipate a dedicated approach towards quality and sustainability, making vertical farming a more approachable and successful venture.


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