Location: León, Mexico


About Verde Compacto

Verde Compacto is a firm specializing in indoor vertical hydroponic farming systems. Concentrating on the development of technology, the company seeks to provide alternative solutions in the agriculture sector, focusing on enhancing productivity and endorsing sustainable practices.

The company’s Huvster Veggies system stands as a notable offering, permitting users to cultivate fresh vegetables throughout the year. This system utilizes vertical container farms, a strategy that potentially optimizes space usage and might increase profitability per unit area. Moreover, it includes an automated system to regulate environmental factors and nutrient supply, aiming to stabilize production outputs and maintain crop quality.

Furthermore, Verde Compacto developed the Huvster Fodder system, a setup intended to decrease the financial strain of animal feed procurement. This system allows for the cultivation of hydroponic fodder, aiming to provide a more predictable food supply for livestock, with less reliance on unpredictable weather and rainfall patterns.

The company offers the flexibility of adapting their vertical hydroponic farming systems to various scales and specifications, catering to both small urban setups and larger commercial enterprises. They also propose leasing arrangements as a means to facilitate the accessibility of their agriculture solutions.

Based in Monterrey, Mexico, the company is noted for its progressive take on farming methods. In collaboration with institutions such as the Panamerican University, they engage in initiatives addressing food supply challenges, particularly in the context of global crises.

For individuals interested in exploring what Verde Compacto has to offer, the company maintains a showroom at the Tecnológico de Monterrey en León.

Verde Compacto maintains a focus on fostering sustainable growth and utilizing technology in the agriculture sector, aiming to be a significant contributor in the indoor vertical hydroponic farming domain. Their efforts are channeled towards providing scalable solutions, aiming to balance yield optimization with prudent resource management, thereby potentially influencing the trajectory of agriculture in the coming years.


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