Location: Maasland, The Netherlands


About Urban Agrotech

Urban Agrotech offers innovative container farms as a sustainable solution for urban agriculture. These container farms, known as “The PlantFactory,” provide a cost-effective and versatile way to grow crops in urban environments. Utilizing advanced technology and controlled environments, Urban Agrotech‘s solution maximizes productivity while minimizing space and resource usage.

Designed to optimize space utilization, The PlantFactory is housed within shipping containers. This vertical farming approach allows for efficient use of space, making urban farming feasible even in limited or congested areas. By leveraging vertical farming techniques, these container farms enable urban farmers to cultivate a large quantity of produce in a compact footprint.

The farms provided by Urban Agrotech are fully customizable, ensuring that they can cater to the specific needs of different crops. Equipped with precise environmental control systems, including lighting, temperature, humidity, and nutrient delivery, farmers can create ideal growing conditions for maximum crop yield and quality.

One of the notable advantages of Urban Agrotech‘s farms is their commitment to sustainability. The farms utilize energy-efficient LED lighting systems, minimizing electricity consumption compared to traditional lighting methods. Additionally, advanced water management systems are incorporated, allowing for water recirculation and recycling within the closed-loop system. This emphasis on resource conservation and efficient farming practices contributes to a more sustainable and resilient urban food system.

The mobility of Urban Agrotech‘s container farms is another standout feature. Housed within shipping containers, these farms can be easily transported and relocated as needed. This flexibility enables farmers to adapt to changing market demands, expand operations, or bring farming to areas where land availability is limited.

Overall, Urban Agrotech‘s container farms provide a cost-effective and sustainable solution for urban farming. Offering customizable environments, efficient resource usage, and mobility, these container farms empower farmers to grow crops in urban settings with maximum productivity and minimal environmental impact.


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Images courtesy of Unsplash