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About SpecGrade LED

SpecGrade LED specializes in offering indoor farming light solutions that are suitable for controlled environment agriculture (CEA), indoor vertical farming, and professional growing settings. The focus of the organization is to develop technology that aids in enhancing plant growth while also facilitating a reduction in operational expenses.

The company designs SpecGrade LED that cater to the particular needs of indoor farming activities. These lights are suitable for cultivating various crops including herbs and lettuce, offering a high-output lighting solution. The objective is to provide products that uphold stringent standards of quality and performance, aiding in the efficient cultivation of crops.

Understanding the needs of professional indoor farmers, SpecGrade LED works towards aiding in increasing crop yields and decreasing energy usage. The goal is to develop indoor farming light solutions that not only help in fostering a conducive environment for plant growth but also contribute to the cultivation of crops that are healthy and have a high yield.

Moreover, the company extends its services to commercial sectors by offering LED high-mast lighting solutions. These products are designed to cater to the safety and maintenance requirements of high-mast roadway lighting, aiming to enhance visibility and energy efficiency in expansive outdoor areas.

SpecGrade LED has a team of knowledgeable individuals who are ready to assist customers in selecting the appropriate LED lighting solutions according to their individual farm’s needs. The product range encompasses various items including LED SpecGrade LED and high-mast lights, among others.

From an environmental standpoint, the LED lighting solutions proposed by the company are perceived as a means to achieve energy savings and lessen environmental impacts when compared to conventional lighting methods such as halcyon lighting. The LED products, known for their durability and superior performance, are crafted to serve as a reliable source of lighting over an extended period.


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