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About NewLaVie

NewLaVie operates in the agriculture sector, supplying an array of products and solutions aimed at facilitating successful cultivation operations. The firm presents system solutions that can be tailored to meet individual growers’ preferences, encompassing a range of items like grow pods, racks, greenhouses, fertigation systems, and various additional accessories.

One of the company’s notable products is the Grow Pod, a concept that repurposes shipping containers to create an indoor farming space. These pods are equipped to maintain a regulated environment with artificial lighting, making them versatile for cultivating a wide array of horticulture and agricultural products, such as herbs, adaptable to various climates.

The NLV Grow Pods are structured with insulation made from polyurethane panels with fire-resistant and anti-bacterial properties. They feature custom rack configurations as per crop specifications and an automated control system to manage temperature and humidity levels. The company also integrates IoT technology into its fertigation systems, facilitating automated water and nutrient distribution. A collection of accessories, including CO2 sensors and temperature monitors, are available to uphold crop quality.

To address the necessity for optimized space management, the firm has introduced Mobile Grow Racks. These structures, developed to allow greater vertical space, enhance air circulation and facilitate better ventilation for crops. Treated with protective coatings, the racks are designed to resist rust, fungal, and microbial growth, ensuring long-lasting use.

The company’s product lineup also includes a variety of greenhouse structures, ranging from standalone tunnels to interconnected multi-tunnel setups. Constructed using hot-dip galvanized light steel, these structures can be customized with coverings of plastic film, polycarbonate sheets, or tempered glass, projected to endure external conditions for an extended period.

NewLaVie also markets solid-state lighting products, striving to maintain competitive pricing and offering limited warranties spanning 5 to 10 years. The company aims to assist growers in establishing productive and sustainable operations.

The team at NewLaVie is prepared to offer guidance in selecting systems and accessories that align with specific cultivation needs.


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