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About Cultivatd

Cultivatd is a company engaged in offering indoor farming solutions, supplying an array of services and technology options to assist with growing crops in controlled settings. Centered on sustainability and addressing the difficulties presented by conventional agriculture, the company seeks to equip farmers and entrepreneurs with tools and knowledge to implement modern approaches to food production.

A significant facet of Cultivatd‘s operations is vertical farming. The company extends detailed guidance and backing for individuals interested in indoor growing through their Vertical Farming 101 initiative. This educational tool delineates the fundamental aspects of vertical farming, shedding light on the indoor crop cultivation process and the potential advantages of adopting this technique. The initiative is geared towards encouraging a broader acceptance of vertical farming and illustrating its capability to alter the agriculture sector positively.

The company acknowledges that each indoor farming project has distinct needs. Therefore, they furnish an expansive range of cultivars, which are specifically designed for indoor agricultural environments. This allows farmers to opt for varieties that are in line with their objectives and the demands of the market.

Moreover, Cultivatd presents a variety of indoor farming equipment options, encompassing container farms, vertical farming grow systems, greenhouses, and fodder feed farm systems. They point out the merits of each equipment category, which include resource conservation and effective space utilization. The company aids farmers in identifying the equipment that best matches their individual requirements, promoting optimal efficiency and output.

To bolster the efforts of indoor farming operations further, Cultivatd extends comprehensive farming services. Their specialized Farm Services Team is at hand to aid in the establishment, administration, optimization, and validation of indoor farms, covering aspects ranging from adhering to regulations to entire operational management. This assistance ensures that farmers can concentrate on their specialties, all the while benefiting from proficient support in other sectors.

Cultivatd also lays emphasis on fostering connections among growers, investors, and innovators within the indoor farming sphere. The company has established a robust network of technology associates and makes provisions for financial and investment opportunities. Through encouraging collaboration and the exchange of knowledge, Cultivatd aspires to propel the industry forward, stimulate innovation, and influence the prospective developments in indoor farming.


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