Location: Holland, MI


About TotalGrow Lights

TotalGrow Lights is a Michigan based player in the horticultural LED lighting market. It offers a broad array of innovative LED solutions designed to cater to various needs within the sector. With over a decade of experience, TotalGrow is committed to enhancing the productivity and revenue of professional growers through the deployment of innovative LED solutions. Their products are engineered to support a wide range of crops, including ornamentals, food plants, and cannabis/hemp. They do this by providing optimal light spectrums for each stage of plant growth. 

TotalGrow’s offerings include a comprehensive range of lighting solutions from high-power LEDs to specialized bars for specific growth stages and needs. Products include the Hi-Top for uniform, high-impact lighting, Mezzo for mid-power requirements with minimal shadowing. Stratum is ideal for vertical farming efficiency, and specialized UVA & Deep Red Light Bars cater to unique plant responses. Moreover, their Pure Flowering 200 Lamp offers a highly efficient solution for photoperiodic lighting, ensuring no light is wasted. 

Focus on Customer Service

One of the key differentiators for TotalGrow is their commitment to customer service and personalized solutions. They offer detailed light planning and mapping services to ensure growers can maximize their investment in lighting technology. They aim to minimize expenses and enhance crop yields and quality. The company prides itself on working closely with customers to understand their specific needs and challenges. It offers tailored solutions that are not just about selling product but ensuring it fits perfectly within a farm setup.

TotalGrow’s attention to detail is also evident in their approach to innovation and sustainability. The company’s products are designed not only for efficiency and productivity but also with an eye on energy conservation and reducing operational costs for growers. This approach is intended to position TotalGrow as a partner in the growers’ success, providing tools that not only meet immediate needs but also contribute to a sustainable and profitable future.


TotalGrow Lights