Facility Solutions Group

Location: Austin, TX


About Facility Solutions Group

FSG (Facility Solutions Group), based in Austin, Texas with several locations across the nation, is a company that specializes in delivering a variety of energy efficiency commercial services. These services encompass areas such as electrical construction and service, lighting solutions, signs, and telecom services. They engage in the creation and maintenance of systems within sectors including healthcare, education, government, industrial, and transportation.

This company has established initiatives that promote energy efficiency, aiding businesses and organizations in diminishing their energy usage, thereby enhancing operational efficiency and productivity. By facilitating this reduction in energy consumption, they are assisting in the creation of more sustainable operational practices across various industries.

The team at FSG consists of skilled professionals who collaborate to develop, establish, and sustain systems that align with the specific needs of their clients. Their expertise spans various domains including electrical construction and lighting solutions, where they assist businesses in achieving their objectives through informed and skillful service.

One notable area where FSG is making strides is in controlled environment agriculture service, which focuses on providing horticultural lighting solutions. This service has the potential to foster increased crop yields, decrease operational costs, and promote improved plant growth. By enabling year-round crop production, they are contributing to bolstering food security within communities.

FSG serves a diverse clientele, ranging from smaller businesses to larger organizations, offering tailored services that aim to enhance energy efficiency and customer satisfaction. This extends to residential services, where they provide comprehensive solutions.

The company fosters an ethos of dedication towards quality service and product improvement, with an emphasis on environmentally conscious practices, as evident in their Go Green initiative. This approach underscores their commitment to adopting strategies that are geared towards environmental conservation.

To sum up, FSG operates as a commercial solutions provider, utilizing innovative technology to offer sustainable and cost-effective services to its clients.




Images courtesy of Unsplash