Location: Vlaardingen, The Netherlands


About Hoogendoorn

Hoogendoorn operates in the sphere of greenhouse production with automation, offering technology solutions to individuals and entities involved in greenhouse production. A notable product in their portfolio is IIVO, a system comprising both intelligent software and advanced hardware components. This system is designed to assist growers in overseeing, regulating, and sustaining an environment conducive to growth in their greenhouses, facilitating optimal plant development with restrained resource utilization.

The IIVO software is equipped with features that facilitate smart climate management, allowing for anticipatory adjustments to potential changes, thereby fostering optimal growing conditions. It utilizes information gleaned from a variety of sources including sensors, weather predictions, and historical data to modify and uphold a consistent and favorable growth atmosphere. This, in turn, enhances crop output and quality, while simultaneously reducing resource expenditure. This proactive approach, as opposed to a reactive stance, can potentially lead to notable energy conservation.

IIVO is characterized by its capacity to evolve and accommodate fluctuating growth environments. The system accrues knowledge from previous experiences, amending its responses based on live data and autonomously rectifying any discrepancies. Consequently, it facilitates a more steadfast management of greenhouse climates and significantly curtails the use of natural resources.

Furthermore, IIVO extends substantial support in the realms of water and energy management. The user-friendly drag-and-drop functionality simplifies the task of formulating and executing irrigation plans, ensuring the appropriate allocation of water and nutrients as per the requirements of the plants. Moreover, it possesses capabilities to streamline energy utilization, harmonizing heating and CO2 levels as per the unique energy requirements of various crops.

IIVO accommodates crop-specific controls, enabling the formulation of tailored growth strategies that cater to diverse phases of the crop cycle. The ability to save and amalgamate growth recipes allows for the cultivation of an ideal growth environment throughout different growth stages, providing growers with a heightened degree of control and flexibility in their greenhouse management endeavors.

In summary, the IIVO system by Hoogendoorn presents a holistic and sustainable alternative for greenhouse producers, marrying adept software and hardware to facilitate increased crop yields and quality with reduced resource usage. The utilization of greenhouse production with automation and foresightful control can assist growers in enhancing the efficacy and eco-friendliness of their production processes.


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