Location: Leeds, UK


About Vertically Urban

Vertically Urban, based in the UK, is involved in creating LED grow lighting, offering specialized solutions for vertical farming and greenhouse cultivation. The company is keen on developing lighting solutions that are both efficient and effective, working closely with growers to grasp their specific requirements and devising tailored products and strategies that enhance crop growth and ensure good returns on investment.

The company prides itself on the in-house design and manufacturing of its products, partnering with select suppliers of quality electronic components. Utilizing LED grow lights that have a high photon yield, they strive to ensure significant crop yields through optimum Photosynthetic Photon Flux (PPF), facilitating enhanced plant growth and output.

Their product range encompasses several offerings such as the Horti-Blade, Horti-Blade Tunable, Horti-Blaze, Odyssey 600, Odyssey 300, Odyssey 100, and EZ Control. These products are developed with great precision to address the dynamic requirements of contemporary vertical and indoor farming setups, offering progressive lighting solutions for an extensive variety of horticultural needs.

The solutions crafted by Vertically Urban are suitable for several sectors including vertical farms, greenhouses, interlights, and custom projects. Through their advanced LED lighting, cultivators can fine-tune crop yields in controlled settings, guaranteeing steady and dependable yields, uninfluenced by external weather factors or spatial constraints.

Furthermore, Vertically Urban extends support to their clientele through various resources available on their website. This includes a detailed FAQ section and a glossary to assist growers in comprehending technical jargon and in making well-informed choices. The website also offers specification sheets, instructional materials, and video guides to facilitate ease of product installation and utilization.

Located in Leeds, UK, Vertically Urban is a company engaged in the development of LED lighting technology for vertical farming and greenhouse cultivation. Their work is grounded in a commitment to environmental sustainability and advancing technology in the agricultural sector. Leveraging the capabilities of LED lighting technology, they aim to support more sustainable farming practices around the world.

Their focus is on aiding in the creation of efficient food production systems that can help in maintaining a steady food supply, particularly in light of the growing population. By doing so, they are playing a part in addressing some of the challenges associated with increasing food demands and environmental concerns. Their efforts mark a step towards promoting a balanced approach to agriculture, where technology meets sustainability.


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