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About Ceres

Ceres Greenhouse Solutions operates in the sector of greenhouse design and implementation, offering sustainable and technologically advanced solutions for a variety of customers, encompassing both residential and commercial spheres. The company endeavors to meet diverse customer needs by offering a wide selection of greenhouses and associated services.

The product portfolio of Ceres includes a range of greenhouse structures such as Backyard Kits, High Yield Kits, Attached Headhouse Kits, Commercial Modular options, and tailor-made solutions. These products aim to cater to different clientele, ranging from homeowners interested in small-scale greenhouses to commercial growers requiring extensive facilities.

A distinctive feature of Ceres‘ approach is its emphasis on sustainable practices and integration of technology into greenhouse design. They employ a patented passive solar design that capitalizes on the full spectrum of sunlight to cultivate controlled and optimized growing environments. Additionally, the company offers technology integrations including supplemental lighting, HVAC and dehumidification systems, centralized environmental control through the SunSense Controller, and a Ground to Air Heat Transfer (GAHT) system which is aimed at effective heat management.

Ceres is also noted for its focus on energy efficiency, exemplified by the usage of ETFE film in greenhouse glazing, which is reputed to allow high light transmission, including the UV spectrum. This feature purportedly facilitates maximum light absorption, which can be a critical factor for plant growth and nourishment. The company also features an energy calculator to assist customers in evaluating the energy efficiency of their greenhouse solutions as opposed to traditional models.

Further, the company offers an array of resources to aid customers in understanding and navigating the greenhouse sector. This includes a blog, an energy calculator, financing resources, FAQs, and updates on news and events in the industry, aiming to offer insight and support to their clientele.

In summary, Ceres Greenhouse Solutions is involved in the provision of greenhouse solutions that merge technology and sustainability. Their offerings aim to assist a broad spectrum of gardeners and commercial growers in realizing their greenhouse projects with a focus on sustainability and energy efficiency.


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Images courtesy of Ceres Greenhouse Solutions