Location: Markham, ON, Canada


About EmersonGrow

EmersonGrow Technology Inc, based in Ontario, Canada, specializes in the manufacture of LED grow lighting. Their emphasis lies in facilitating precision and control in plant growth phases through their range of horticultural lighting solutions. These solutions are also recognized under the energy retrofit incentives available in Ontario.

The company develops LED grow lighting that delivers a full spectrum of light, akin to the varied spectral output emitted by the sun, catering to the needs of both novice and seasoned growers. This product line has been refined over three decades of manufacturing experience, and with feedback from professional growers.

An essential characteristic of EmersonGrow‘s LED lighting is their energy-efficient design. These lights permit growers to modify the intensity of individual light spectrums, optimizing light provision for plants at different growth stages. This functionality not only improves plant yields but also contributes to significant energy cost reductions.

Furthermore, EmersonGrow has devised an app-controlled light recipe system, facilitating presetting of light duration and intensity for each growth phase. This system allows growers to efficiently manage the lighting for all their plants using a single energy device. It also offers the convenience of sharing and downloading light recipes formulated by growers globally.

For individuals aspiring to enhance their cultivation procedures, EmersonGrow presents the SunBox, a portable tool capable of transforming any digital-ready LED grow light system into an intelligent energy device. This device stores light recipes and aids in data accumulation, sensor coordination, and meticulous light control.

The company maintains collaborations with noted entities like Centennial College and VentureLab, underscoring their dedication to innovation and cooperative industry efforts. Their products have garnered accolades and awards, acknowledging their quality and functionality.

The company, with its proficient background in horticultural lighting and a strong commitment to energy conservation, remains a reliable resource for LED lighting in Ontario and other regions.


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