Location: New Hampton, NY


About Box4Grow

Box4Grow, situated in New Hampton, NY, specializes in creating indoor grow facility solutions. These solutions are designed with modularity in mind, catering to a range of individuals including personal growers, commercial operators, and entrepreneurs. The initiative focuses on offering adaptable facilities which are constructed to comply with local regulations set by authorities. Instead of retrofitting shipping containers, the company develops scalable modular rooms that can be interlinked to form a comprehensive and sealed facility for growing and processing.

The solutions proposed by Box4Grow aim to address several concerns in the indoor cultivation industry, including adapting to climate changes, navigating compliance and licensing, and optimizing space usage. The company asserts that their rapid deployment solutions can potentially aid growers in initiating or expanding their operations within a 12-week timeframe, hinting at cost efficiency and enhanced yields.

The foundation of Box4Grow rests on a team of engineers and growers who reportedly hold a wealth of experience in the field. This team operates with the goal of offering facilities capable of functioning throughout the year, incorporating a fully controlled environment to meet various growing requirements. Collaborative efforts between engineers and clients are emphasized, aiming to tailor designs to suit specific space and budgetary considerations, thus crafting prefabricated production environments.

The company maintains a focus on quality and customer service, as inferred from the feedback they have reportedly received. Over the recent years, there has been a noted investment in research and development, aiming to incorporate advanced components within their systems. The manufacturing process predominantly takes place in New York and New Jersey, with over 247 units having been distributed across the USA.

To encapsulate, Box4Grow emerges as a player in the indoor grow facility solutions sector, offering systems that adhere to local regulations and cater to a range of clients. They stress on rapid deployment as a key feature of their services, aiming to accommodate the needs and preferences of various customer groups. Their tenure in the sector seems to underline their commitment to assisting growers in optimizing yield and efficiency, potentially facilitating a reduction in operational costs.


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