California Lightworks

Location: Canoga Park, CA


About California Lightworks

California Lightworks is a company centered around the development and supply of indoor farm lighting, primarily targeting the horticulture sector. Established in 2008, the company has been focusing on harnessing LED technology to cater to the needs of a broad spectrum of growers, from individual home growers to indoor farm lighting for commercial operations.

The essence of California Lightworks‘ operation lies in its approach to horticultural lighting, where it endeavors to enhance the efficacy and cost-effectiveness of growing through the appropriate implementation of lighting solutions. The organization houses a team that collaborates with growers on a global scale to craft LED grow light systems that aim to be both technologically advanced and economically viable.

The company’s offering encompasses various product series, namely the MegaDrive, SolarSystem, and SolarXtreme. Each series appears to address different aspects of horticultural lighting:

The MegaDrive Series is noted for its centralized power LED systems which aim to simplify the installation process by reducing the necessity for canopy drivers and numerous electrical connections.

The SolarSystem Series offers a range of power levels and digital spectrum control options, purportedly allowing for quality light output which may enhance the results of growing operations.

The SolarXtreme Series utilizes a specific Optigrow light spectrum, designed to foster growth and yield across different stages of plant development.

California Lightworks has engaged in numerous applications including greenhouses, indoor facilities, and multilevel vertical setups, aiming to offer solutions that are both environmentally friendly and yield maximizing. The company claims to have a strong foothold in the industry, with a substantial number of installations worldwide.

Moreover, the company extends a range of services and resources beyond product provision. This includes the offering of computerized light plans at no charge, consulting services, and a repository of educational content in the form of webinars, e-books, and videos aimed at enhancing the knowledge base of growers.

To sum up, California Lightworks operates with the goal of meeting diverse lighting needs in the horticulture sector, offering solutions that aim to foster high yields and quality crop production.




Images courtesy of Unsplash