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About CropKing

CropKing , a company established in the United States, has been involved in the production and distribution of greenhouse structures, hydroponic systems, and growing supplies for over 35 years. The company operates not only in the United States but also extends its services to Canada, Europe, Mexico, and the Caribbean, offering a variety of hydroponic products and technical support at competitive prices.

The company specializes in supplying a diverse range of greenhouse structures and related grow systems equipment, which encompasses freestanding, hobby, and gutter-connect facilities. Keeping the needs of growers at the forefront, the hydroponic systems they develop integrate modern features, including environmental controls, CO2 generators, and ventilation systems, along with heating and air conditioning options. Moreover, CropKing offers a comprehensive selection of growing supplies ranging from nutrients and fertilizers to lighting and water testing equipment, and products for insect and disease management.

CropKing is also actively involved in educational initiatives, aiming to facilitate the learning and development of budding growers. They offer a variety of educational resources, including monthly grower workshops spanning two days, instructional videos, manuals, and support materials. They also work to develop custom solutions to aid educational institutes at various levels, from K-12 to universities, by providing hydroponic classroom systems, science labs, and greenhouses, designed to be accessible regardless of geographical location.

In addition to their products, CropKing offers a range of services including consulting and general contracting, alongside comprehensive packages that encompass various aspects such as lighting, temperature regulation, and environmental controls.

The company is noted for selling products that are technologically sound, affirming their reliability as a provider of quality products. They ensure that all the systems they offer are conceptualized and assembled within the United States.

In summary, CropKing strives to assist growers in the agricultural sector by offering quality hydroponic products coupled with technical support and educational resources. For those in the agriculture sector seeking sophisticated growing systems which facilitate controlled environment agriculture, CropKing might be a viable starting point.


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