Location: Waregem, Belgium


About Urban Crop Solutions

Urban Crop Solutions, based in Waregem, Belgium with an additional office in Miami, Florida, specializes in hydroponic indoor vertical farming solutions. The company operates extensively in the urban agriculture sector, offering an alternative approach to traditional agriculture through the integration of advanced techniques like hydroponics and LED lighting for indoor crop growth. This approach is perceived as a way to cater to the escalating demand for fresh produce in urban settings, offering an efficient and sustainable route.

The organization maintains a strong dedication to sustainability and fostering a circular economy. They employ modern technology in their production processes to facilitate energy-efficient operations. The focus lies in crafting products that are both scalable and adaptable, promoting the optimal use of resources and reduced waste generation.

Urban Crop Solutions caters to a broad spectrum of industries, which encompasses areas like food and nutrition, biotech, life sciences, retail, agriculture, and others including aromatics and cosmetics. Their work portfolio showcases successful collaborations with entities such as Tiamat Sciences and Ikea, indicating the versatility of the company’s solutions and their effectiveness in different domains.

For potential clients or those interested in the field, the company’s website serves as a reservoir of information, detailing their various products, services, and ongoing projects. Moreover, an online store is available, offering a range of products from seeds to equipment necessary for indoor farming setups, aiming to be a centralized platform for individuals and businesses with indoor farming needs.

In its operation, Urban Crop Solutions seeks to not only alter the farming landscape but also positively influence communities and environmental health. The organization facilitates the year-round production of fresh crops, independent of geographical or climatic constraints.

Overall, Urban Crop Solutions engages in the sphere of urban agriculture, aiming to address urban food production challenges and instigate beneficial shifts in the agriculture sector with their hydroponic indoor vertical farming innovations.



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Images courtesy of Unsplash