Location: Mobile, AL


About Shipshape Urban Farms

Shipshape Urban Farms is a company engaged in the sectors of regenerative agriculture and vertical farming, with a particular focus on container farming that merges contemporary farming methods with efforts to preserve natural habitats.

A central project initiated by Shipshape Urban Farms is the HAB (Habitat for Agricultural Breakthrough), a living structure created using 3D printing technology that functions as a vertical farm. This initiative integrates sophisticated automation technology with sustainable farming practices to set a higher standard in environmentally-friendly agriculture. Developed with adherence to the principles of living systems and the Living Building Challenge, the HAB is conceptualized to be energy-efficient, having capabilities to produce its own energy, manage water resources effectively on-site, and use materials sourced locally and from nature. These structures, conceptualized with a regenerative approach, aim to foster an environment that is flourishing, while also promoting human health and well-being.

Designed with the capacity to satisfy the daily vegetable needs of approximately 1200 households, the HAB aims not just to merge vertical farming and regenerative agriculture, but also to cultivate spaces that nurture innovation, fostering a prosperous future for the agriculture sector.

Shipshape Urban Farms places a high value on forging partnerships that can enhance the effectiveness of their projects. Following the Living Building Challenge, which outlines seven performance areas or “petals”, the organization is striving to enhance energy efficiency in their structures. These efforts are extended to initiatives that aim to improve air quality, facilitate increased access to natural light, and create a stronger bond between individuals and their natural surroundings.

Furthermore, Shipshape Urban Farms maintains an informational newsletter to keep interested individuals updated on new developments, including projects like the HAB. Through this channel, people can actively participate in the ongoing endeavors that strive to sculpt a more sustainable trajectory for the world of agriculture.


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Images courtesy of Unsplash