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About Nelson & Pade

Nelson & Pade serves as a thorough online resource platform that facilitates access to various tools, educational materials, and products necessary for aquaponics, a method merging aquaculture and hydroponics to optimize resource utilization and productivity.

On this platform, users can find different aquaponic systems developed for varying scales and objectives. These systems, grounded in substantial research and a quarter-century of refinement, are recognized for their efficiency and effectiveness in facilitating enhanced production of fish and vegetables as compared to conventional methods.

Apart from large-scale setups, the website offers smaller scale MicroFarm systems apt for part-time ventures, and setups suitable for home and educational institutions, thus fostering research and education in this field. They actively collaborate with educational entities globally, offering necessary resources and support to ensure the successful integration of aquaponics into their curriculum.

Furthermore, the platform extends a series of online courses that encapsulate a range of topics in the realm of aquaponics, catering to individuals with diverse levels of experience. These courses, encompassing subjects like the foundational principles of aquaponics, routine operations, greenhouse management, and indoor farming, provide a structured approach to learning.

Recognizing the pivotal role of meticulous project planning and sustained grower support in the successful operation of aquaponics ventures, the platform furnishes detailed guidance in these domains. They assist budding entrepreneurs in navigating the initial stages of project setup, providing insights into cost estimation, equipment selection, and operational expenditure. Their grower support initiative connects users to a reservoir of industry experience spanning over three decades.

In addition, Nelson & Pade operates as a central hub for acquiring necessary equipment and supplies for engaging in aquaponic gardening and farming. The items available in their inventory include essentials such as fish food, growing mediums, and environmental control devices, alongside educational materials.

Operational on a global scale, Nelson & Pade aims to bolster food security and sustainability, while enhancing the quality and availability of fresh food globally. Through their comprehensive range of services and educational materials, they support individuals worldwide in establishing and growing successful aquaponic food production endeavors.


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