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About Grow Glide

Grow Glide is a company offering vertical cultivation solutions aimed at enhancing efficiency and scalability in horticulture production. The business provides vertical and mobile racks designed to augment the cultivation process, offering a potentially higher return on investment (ROI).

The central aspect of their offerings is a vertical racking system developed considering the cultivators’ needs. It aims to aid cultivators in expanding their production while maintaining quality. Vertical cultivation solutions emphasizes safety, with grow decks that securely attach to a solid steel frame of each rack, forming a stable multi-tier grow setup. Additionally, they have introduced ladders that connect to each deck, reducing the risk of trips and fostering safer working conditions.

Understanding the importance of airflow in plant growth, the company has designed an airflow system called AirGlide. This system, characterized by a smooth and rounded design, intends to facilitate even airflow around plants, seeking to provide them with the optimal growth environment, avoiding the issues that sharp corners can create.

The company was established by a cultivator familiar with the industry’s unique challenges, aiming to address these issues adequately. It prides itself on its background, which fosters a cultivator-centric approach to product development.

One of the noteworthy features of their product lineup is the modular design, which allows for easier expansion and adaptability. This design strategy ensures that cultivators can scale their operations without substantial equipment overhauls. Additionally, the company employs a metal dipping process in the production of their products, seeking to enhance durability, especially in moist conditions.

Feedback from users indicates a positive response to the company’s customer service, design team, and installation crew. Customers have noted the detail-oriented nature of the products, including features that facilitate drainage and lighting installation, along with promoting efficient air circulation.

Grow Glide offers solutions that cater to cultivators’ specific needs.


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Images courtesy of Unsplash