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About Renegade Plastics

Renegade Plastics is a company focused on creating eco-friendly fabric and sustainable substitutes to PVC-coated fabrics. Concentrating on developing a circular economy for industrial plastics, it provides fabric solutions that are not only eco-friendly but also devoid of harmful chemicals, aiming to have a carbon negative impact.

The company has developed a range of products suitable for various industries and uses. It aims to offer a safer alternative to traditional PVC materials, which are found in a range of products including billboards, sports equipment, and vehicle seating, among others. These conventional products often harbor detrimental plasticizers that can release toxic substances into the environment. Identifying this gap, Renegade Plastics ventured to create more environmentally friendly options.

A notable feature of the materials produced by Renegade Plastics is their reduced carbon footprint compared to traditional PVC fabrics. These coated fabrics are lighter by about 30-40%, while retaining comparable strength, which means less material is needed, subsequently reducing greenhouse gas emissions during both production and transportation phases. Moreover, these materials are devoid of hazardous substances like lead or VOCs, resulting in a safer end product.

Renegade Plastics prioritizes sustainability in their offerings. The fabrics they produce possess high resistance to UV rays, chemicals, and weather elements, making them adaptable to various applications. Furthermore, these fabrics integrate well with existing manufacturing systems, facilitating an eco-friendlier transition without necessitating substantial adjustments.

The company caters to a variety of sectors such as industrial, sports, structures/tents, and agriculture. Their alternative materials offer advantages like lighter weight and improved resistance to harmful elements, finding applications in industrial setups, sports equipment, and agricultural necessities, among others. In collaborations with other industry frontrunners like Idaho Sewing for Sports and Cultiva, Renegade Plastics has been able to develop recyclable fabrics suitable for a range of applications.

By fostering collaborations and driving innovations, Renegade Plastics is actively contributing to reducing plastic waste.


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