National Design Build Service (NDBS)

Location: Maryland Heights, MO


About National Design Build Service (NDBS)

National Design Build Service (National Design Build Service (NDBS)) is a mechanical engineering firm situated in Maryland Heights, MO, primarily concentrating on heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration (HVACR) systems. The firm provides a spectrum of services encompassing design-build, commissioning, pre-construction, value engineering, and Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) systems.

National Design Build Service (NDBS) engages closely with its clients to comprehend their distinct challenges and tailor solutions accordingly. The company has garnered substantial experience in the evolving domain of CEA, developing expertise in the areas of indoor vertical grow systems and greenhouses. The firm integrates environmentally responsible elements into its designs, potentially reducing operational costs and accommodating the demands of indoor farming.

The professional cadre at National Design Build Service (NDBS) consists of seasoned mechanical engineers well-versed in deciphering the objectives and prerequisites of various building projects. This team, marked by its meticulous approach, works towards fulfilling client requirements and adhering to project timelines, irrespective of the project scale. They bring a notable degree of expertise and skill to the table.

National Design Build Service (NDBS) has developed a positive reputation by consistently delivering dependable HVACR systems. They maintain a client-centric approach, aiming to align their services with the client’s primary interests and expectations.

Within the industry, National Design Build Service (NDBS) is recognized for its problem-solving capabilities, often devising straightforward solutions to complex issues. The competitive pricing they offer enhances their appeal as a preferred partner for HVACR initiatives. Their dedication to quality control, along with effective cost and schedule management, facilitates the realization of client objectives nationwide.

Furthermore, National Design Build Service (NDBS) shares industry insights through their website, fostering knowledge transfer and discussing potential pathways towards a sustainable future in agriculture, partly through the advocacy of LEED certification.



Images courtesy of Unsplash