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About Aessence

Aessence is a provider of precision automated hydroponic systems and advanced grow lighting solutions for commercial-scale growers. The company offers a complete suite of products, including the AEtrium aeroponics product catalog, LED lighting products, and the Guardian Grow Manager Automation Software. Additionally, the company provides consulting services to assist growers at every stage of their operations.

The company’s primary focus is on aeroponic hydroponic systems, which allow for faster and more efficient growth of crops than traditional soil-based farming. Rather than using soil, Aessence’ systems utilize a nutrient-rich water solution that is sprayed directly onto the plant’s roots, resulting in higher yields and healthier plants. The company also offers advanced LED lighting products that are tailored to the specific needs of indoor growers. These lighting solutions are designed to provide optimal light for plant growth while keeping energy costs low.

The company’s Guardian Grow Manager automation software ensures that grow operations are running at peak efficiency, helping growers to maximize yields and reduce waste. The software provides real-time monitoring of grow conditions, including temperature, humidity, and pH levels, allowing growers to adjust conditions as needed. Additionally, the company offers a comprehensive consulting service to assist growers with everything from planning and designing their operations to optimizing their systems and identifying areas for improvement.

In addition to its focus on providing top-quality products and services, Aessence is aiming to advance the science of hydroponics and promoting sustainable agriculture practices. The company’s Plant Science Test Kitchen is a research and development facility that allows growers to test new products and techniques in a controlled environment. The company also offers a wide range of educational resources, including webinars, expert customer interviews, and a blog that covers topics such as the latest trends in hydroponics and sustainable farming practices.

Overall, Aessence is a leading provider of precision automated hydroponic systems and advanced grow lighting solutions for commercial-scale growers.


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