AgricUltra Advancements

Location: Beamsville, Ontario, Canada


About AgricUltra Advancements

AgricUltra Advancements is a company that specializes in maximizing indoor farming production while minimizing energy inputs through their innovative multi-layer grow platforms, inter-canopy management techniques, and advanced LED-based light offerings. With a strong focus on deep UVBA lighting, they aim to help their clients optimize plant growth and avoid costly facility system mistakes.

AgricUltra Advancements aims to stay at the forefront of the indoor farming industry. They leverage advanced computational fluid design analysis (CFD) modeling to validate concepts and components before any equipment is purchased, ensuring efficient and effective operations from the start.

The company is affiliated with The Association for Vertical Farming (AVF), a global non-profit organization that aims to accelerate the development of the indoor vertical farming industry. This affiliation allows AgricUltra Advancements to engage in international exchange and cooperation and stay updated with the latest advancements and best practices in the field.

In addition, AgricUltra Advancements is a member of The International Association for Plant UV Research (UV4Plants), which promotes academic and commercial collaboration in botanical UV research. They are also involved in a research collaboration with Ryerson University, focusing on photobiology research.

Building on their core tenets of “Plant First” and “Don’t Fight Physics,” AgricUltra Advancements emphasizes the importance of considering each plant’s biological requirements and working with the laws of physics to create higher-efficiency systems. They specialize in four key areas of expertise: Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA), Systems Design & Engineering, Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) Analysis, and Photobiology.

Their CEA grow system solutions are designed from the plant’s perspective, optimizing the plant’s micro-environment to control temperature, humidity, air movement, and CO2 independently in each row. This approach allows for precise management and balancing of facility output based on market requirements. They also offer advanced systems design and engineering services to improve crop quality and yield, along with CFD analysis to predict critical parameters and validate HVAC system designs.

AgricUltra Advancements is known for their expertise in photobiology, understanding the impact of light on plant processes, chemical expression, and crop resilience. They specialize in ultra-broad spectrum UVBAVisible light recipes that enhance taste, smell, texture, potency, and resilience of the plants, while also controlling mold and pests, reducing the need for harmful chemical interventions.

Located in Beamsville, Canada, AgricUltra Advancements is aiming to drive innovation in indoor farming and improving the sustainability and productivity of the agriculture industry.



Images courtesy of Unsplash