Location: Quincy, MA


About CMC Design Build

Since 1989, CMC Design Build has been engaged in providing design and construction solutions, primarily focusing on food and beverage facilities. The company, based in Quincy, MA, specializes in a variety of services, including project feasibility studies, design and engineering, and construction of grow systems.

One of the central facets of CMC Design Build’s design approach involves a deep comprehension of client-specific project requirements and objectives. The company undertakes detailed facility feasibility studies, a step aimed at delineating precise project or farm needs, thereby aiding clients in making well-grounded decisions before venturing into comprehensive engineering endeavors. This meticulous method not only aids in addressing crucial questions but also in crafting projects to meet the distinctive demands of their clientele.

CMC Design Build harbors a group of individuals proficient in the realms of architectural engineering and construction. The collaboration and synergy among the team members are evident in the well-coordinated design and engineering processes implemented in the food and beverage facilities. The objective is to foster heightened levels of efficacy and functionality in each project, which in turn might pave the way for operational enhancements and fiscal savings for the clientele.

In terms of construction services, the company adopts a hands-on strategy, complemented by cohesive project management, to facilitate smooth project implementation. The team at CMC Design Build, boasting an average individual experience spanning 20 years, brings forth substantial knowledge and a dedication to executing high-quality projects. The history of the timely and budget-adherent completions of various USDA-inspected food processing facilities is indicative of their resolve to maintain a standard of excellence.

Feedback from clients portrays a generally positive trajectory, highlighting aspects such as fiscal savings, value addition, meticulousness, and dependable project management. The client feedback largely showcases the trust and confidence placed in the company’s capacity to render satisfactory outcomes.


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