Light Science Tech

Location: Ednaston, Ashbourne, UK


About Light Science Tech

Light Science Technologies is a firm that specializes in the development of sustainable grow lights and sensor technology solutions. They focus on creating products that facilitate year-round growing that is both profitable and environmentally friendly.

The sensor technology utilized by the company amalgamates various data such as real-time environmental statistics, crop performance indicators, and key business metrics to furnish immediate actionable insights. This synthesis of diverse data equips growers with the necessary information to streamline their operations, potentially leading to enhanced yields and financial efficiency.

A notable feature of the products from Light Science Technologies is the modularity and adaptability in their sustainable grow lights design. These characteristics permit growers to realize improved light quality and energy conservation. The company leverages its knowledge in different growing environments like vertical farms, polytunnels, and greenhouses to devise optimal solutions for specific settings. Furthermore, their dedicated horticulture research laboratory works in tandem with industry professionals to investigate and emulate the most favorable lighting conditions for a range of plants, thereby aiming to secure uniform growth and uphold food quality and safety standards.

In terms of manufacturing, the company operates its UK-based facility, UK Circuits. This setup grants them the dynamism and adaptability required to escalate production, facilitating the crafting of solutions that align with the demands of indoor farming scenarios at a reasonable cost.

Emphasizing their commitment to environmental preservation, Light Science Technologies has bagged several awards and actively collaborates with the reforestation initiative, One Tree Planted. This partnership involves planting trees to mitigate their carbon footprint, fostering a healthier ecosystem.

The business operates from its base at the Ednaston Park Business Centre in Ashbourne, adhering to a standard of integrity in its operations. They endeavor to meet customer needs by offering products and services that are straightforward and dependable. Information regarding their offerings can be found on their website, and they have a team available to address any inquiries or provide assistance.



Images courtesy of Unsplash