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About Delta9 Systems

Delta9 Systems is a company specializing in providing hydroponic growing supplies for indoor cultivation. Their product range is quite extensive, encompassing labels, packaging materials, and tracking systems, to name a few. The firm endeavors to offer solutions that streamline operations and potentially increase profitability throughout the entire process from seed to sale.

The company has a substantial product catalog, offering a variety of printing solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of the indoor growing industry. Hydroponic growing supplies include various types of printers, such as METRC Tag Printing Systems and thermal label printers, among others. These printing services assist businesses in generating their own details on Metrc plant tags, as well as producing customized labels that adhere to industry standards.

Moreover, Delta9 Systems supplies an assortment of barcode scanners that are designed for different stages of production and sales, including cultivation and dispensary operations. These scanners, available in both corded and cordless versions, facilitate quicker and more precise scanning, enhancing efficiency in inventory management and tracking procedures. The company additionally offers products like RFID readers and antennas, tools which can be integrated into business operations to augment traceability.

Furthermore, Delta9 Systems stocks a broad spectrum of other necessary cultivation supplies and tools, ranging from weigh scales and garden terminals to labeling equipment and humidity controls. This comprehensive product lineup aims to equip indoor farm businesses with the essential tools required for a successful cultivation process.

In a bid to help indoor farm businesses maintain high standards of quality and testing, Delta9 Systems also offers specialized equipment like digital microscope cameras and systems to measure potency. These tools allow businesses to evaluate the quality of their products accurately, fostering informed decision-making in the product development process.

For those looking to stay informed, Delta9 Systems maintains a blog that shares valuable insights and suggestions, serving as a resource for farm-based businesses. They also offer a newsletter subscription, which keeps customers updated on the latest product arrivals and any ongoing promotions.

In summary, Delta9 Systems operates as a dependable supplier in the indoor farming industry, striving to equip businesses with the necessary resources and technology to optimize operations in the multifaceted domain of cultivation and distribution.


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