Location: Phoenix, AZ


About Pure Greens

Pure Greens is a company that offers a container farm solution, focusing heavily on hydroponics and sustainable agriculture. They are adept at creating varied solutions for indoor farming, making use of spaces like parking lots, alleyways, or unused land parcels to grow fresh and local produce.

An essential characteristic of a container farm from Pure Greens is their capacity to conserve a significant amount of water. Through the use of their hydroponic systems that recirculate water, these farms are able to save up to 90% more water in comparison to traditional farming techniques. This approach not only promotes water conservation but also enables the growth of larger and faster-yielding crops due to the enriched water solutions used.

Regardless of geographical location or season, the container farm allows for continuous cultivation. The structures are designed to be weatherproof, allowing setup in any area with available water and electricity. The incorporation of high-output LED lights that consume less energy, along with automated systems to manage the environment, facilitates crop growth at any time and location.

Moreover, the farms offer comprehensive control over various growing conditions. This includes the ability to modify air temperature and humidity, along with managing nutrient schedules and lighting, all of which can be overseen remotely via computer or mobile devices. This sophisticated level of control helps to decrease crop losses and optimize growth, potentially resulting in increased yields and enhanced taste compared to traditional farming methods.

Additionally, Pure Greens is capable of developing custom container farm solutions that cater to specific requirements across numerous industries including non-profit organizations, educational establishments, research laboratories, and the food industry. These container farms can be adapted to meet particular needs, fostering enhanced food production and promoting sustainability.

Operating from their base in Phoenix, Arizona, Pure Greens aims to manufacture quality container farms. Their skill in modifying special shipping containers, combined with a steadfast focus on sustainability, renders them a reputable provider in the industry.


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