Location: Jsselstein, Netherlands


About Oreon

Oreon is a company that specializes in developing water-cooled LED grow lights for the greenhouse horticulture sector. Their main aim is to furnish efficient and sustainable lighting solutions, aiding growers in cultivating crops of high quality throughout the year. Their lighting systems, featuring a distinct water-cooled mechanism, are designed to facilitate optimal performance and extend the durability of the LED fixtures.

These water-cooled LED grow lights are tailored for varied greenhouse horticulture needs, suitable for an array of crops such as leafy vegetables, high-wire crops, flowers, and soft fruits as well. The integrated water-cooling system maintains a consistent temperature for the LEDs and electronic components, unaffected by the surrounding temperature within the greenhouse, thus promising consistent performance and a longer lifespan of the components.

Oreon emphasizes quality and resilience in their products. The LED lights are housed in robust materials, providing a durable lighting solution for growers. The water-cooled feature of these products allows for high output despite their compact size.

The company has noted that several growers have observed positive outcomes with the use of their water-cooled LED fixtures. As a case in point, the Van Geel Orchid cultivation center transitioned to this kind of lighting, witnessing improved energy usage and plant growth as a result.

Oreon is dedicated to innovation, demonstrated by the recent launch of the Embrace XL, a water-cooled multilayer LED fixture crafted for both vertical and indoor farming. This adaptable fixture promises even light distribution without generating direct heat radiation, making it suited for diverse farming methods.

Located in the Netherlands, Oreon operates globally, providing expertise and dependable support to growers. Their water-cooling system negates the necessity for extensive ventilation, thereby decreasing energy usage and CO2 emissions.


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Images courtesy of Unsplash