Location: Arcata, CA


About AmHydro

AmHydro, headquartered in Arcata, California, operates in the domain of hydroponics, offering a hydroponic system that assists in the cultivation of various crops through water-based solutions. This enterprise has a focus on aiding farmers in producing locally-sourced food items, a venture that is aligned with the current trends in sustainable farming.

In its product lineup, AmHydro has several hydroponic system offerings, including Leafy Greens NFT Bundles and Vine Crop Bundles. Bundles include products such as grow systems, AmHydro and automation controls. These products are designed to cater to the specific needs of hydroponic growers, offering them the necessary components to venture into or sustain in this sector of agriculture.

Adding another layer to its operations, AmHydro endeavors to serve as an educational hub for those interested in hydroponic farming. The Learning Center, as part of its initiative, hosts a variety of resources and seminars. These educational materials are structured to enhance the understanding and skills of individuals keen on adopting hydroponic agriculture, with a glossary section that deciphers industry-specific terms and concepts.

One of the perceivable benefits of hydroponic systems, such as those provided by AmHydro, is the potential for a decrease in water usage and a reduction in the necessity for pesticides, which is often associated with traditional farming methods. Through this approach, there might be an opportunity to foster cleaner produce, while simultaneously encouraging the inception of local farming initiatives, potentially nurturing resilient and self-reliant communities worldwide.

To encapsulate, AmHydro engages in the production and distribution of hydroponic systems and educational resources, aspiring to be a participant in the contemporary movement towards more sustainable agricultural practices.


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Images courtesy of AmHydro