Location: Dallas, TX


About Growtainers

Growtainers is a container farming company based in Dallas, TX that designs and manufactures indoor farming units that are housed within shipping containers[1]. The founders of Growtainers were inspired by the idea of creating an indoor farm that would allow plants to grow in a controlled environment year-round, regardless of the external climate or weather. The company’s units are specifically designed to address changing weather patterns and dwindling natural resources, with an intention to create more sustainable and efficient ways of producing fresh produce[2].

Equipped with cutting-edge technology, these container farms boast advanced LED lights, precise climate control systems, and efficient hydroponic or aeroponic growing methods. This careful integration of technology allows for ideal growing conditions, ensuring crops receive the right balance of light, nutrients, and water.

Growtainers offers several types of units. The “Production” unit, capable of accommodating up to 7,000 plants, provides a scalable solution for commercial growers. The “Laboratory” unit is designed with customization in mind, catering to the research and educational sectors. Lastly, the “Retail” unit enables local farmers and food distributors to grow fresh produce for farmers markets and community-based initiatives.[3]. By growing crops in this manner, Growtainers enables large-scale agricultural production in small, urban areas.

By leveraging container farming technology, Growtainers is empowering communities to take control of their food production. They are reducing dependency on traditional agriculture, which is often subject to geographical limitations and climate challenges. Instead, container farming allows fresh, organic, and pesticide-free produce to be grown closer to urban centers, minimizing transportation costs and carbon emissions while maximizing freshness and flavor.

As stated on their website, their mission is to bring “the farm closer to the consumer” and “revolutionize the way fresh food is grown.”[4] As of September 2021, Growtainers has worked with clients such as PepsiCo and several universities across the United States[5]. Overall, Growtainers‘ unique approach to urban farming presents a potential solution to food shortages and sustainability issues by growing crops locally and year-round within a small, controlled environment.


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Images courtesy of Unsplash