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About Hamill APS

Hamill APS has been in the business of creating equipment, such as microgreens harvesting machines, for the microgreens and baby greens sector for over 30 years. The company focuses on crafting customized solutions that aim to improve productivity and diminish labor expenses for growers. Keeping abreast with current technological developments, Hamill APS adapts to the changing dynamics of the industry.

Their variety of automation products is designed to cater to the varied requirements of growers. The range encompasses different types of harvesting machines such as the standard microgreens harvester, tabletop harvester, and aqua adjustable harvester. These machines have been created to simplify the harvesting procedure and enhance crop yield. Apart from this, they also supply additional equipment including a take-away conveyor and tote stand, modular belt spooling systems, tray flipper, compact tray washer, standard tray washer, customized elevators and conveyors, along with an array of spare parts.

A notable feature of Hamill APS is its ongoing effort towards betterment. The team of engineers at the company maintains a close relationship with growers, aiming to comprehend the hurdles they face and consequently devise novel solutions. They are open to tackling various challenges, including the crafting of wider harvesters or extending conveyors as per necessity. This commitment to fulfilling customer needs establishes Hamill APS as a dependable ally for growers in need of tailored equipment.

Beyond their product offerings, Hamill APS holds a reputation for offering excellent customer support. The approachable and informed support team stands ready to assist clients with any inquiries or issues they might encounter. From technical assistance to help with choosing the right product or addressing problems, the company ensures that customers receive timely and dependable assistance.

Their broad product line, inventive solutions, and stellar customer support equip growers with the tools to enhance their operations and boost productivity levels. Their services cater to operations of various scales, making a collaboration with Hamill APS a sensible decision for both small and large commercial growers.


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