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About Iluminar Lighting

Iluminar Lighting specializes in the production and distribution of horticultural lighting equipment designed for indoor agriculture. The company focuses on offering reliable horticultural lighting products that facilitate efficient plant growth and improved yields, gradually earning a dependable reputation in the sector.

The assortment of products offered by the company encompasses various LED, HPS, and CMH fixtures, lamps, and controllers, each designed to cater to distinct lighting needs and space configurations. Available models, such as the iLogic8, iLogic9, and others, have different features and specifications to suit various growing environments.

One notable product in the line-up is the HyperMol LED fixture. This piece of equipment aims to foster effective photosynthesis and plant growth by providing intense full-spectrum light. It combines efficiency with sustainable practices, making it a viable option for individuals seeking to maintain high yields without compromising on energy conservation.

Apart from lighting fixtures, Iluminar Lighting offers a selection of controllers, including the Touch, Hash, and others, which help growers to modulate their lighting systems with ease to meet distinct requirements. These devices bring an added layer of flexibility and ease to the process of creating a conducive growth setting.

Acknowledging the necessity for robust customer support, Iluminar Lighting maintains a network of proficient technicians who are ready to assist with customized lighting solutions, adapting to individual grow settings. This approach simplifies the journey to achieving desirable growing outcomes. Moreover, the company offers a substantial warranty on their products, coupled with continuous support to assist clients whenever needed.

To further aid growers, the company provides complimentary light layouts, a service aimed at enhancing lighting efficiency and fostering healthy plant development. They also have a rebate program, encouraging customers to adopt energy-efficient lighting solutions that adhere to certain standards.

In summary, they offer a collection of lamps, fixtures, and controllers that are crafted to meet the requirements of indoor agriculture enthusiasts. Through their endeavors, they aim to equip indoor cultivators with the necessary tools to enhance plant growth and increase yields efficiently and effectively.


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