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About HyPAR Farm

HyPAR Farm operates in the sungrown indoor farming sector, developing technologies and methods to facilitate energy-efficient plant cultivation. The company leverages sunlight using specially designed sun tubes, supplemented with LED lights, to offer an alternative to conventional indoor farming techniques. This method aims to contribute positively to global food security and lessen adverse environmental impacts.

A notable advantage of utilizing HyPAR Farm‘s technology is the potential decrease in energy expenditures. Growers may find that they can cut energy costs by up to 80% compared to conventional methods. The combination of sun tubes and regulated LED lights decreases the heat load and demands on HVAC systems, promoting consistent temperature environments and reducing dependence on electricity. This strategy could not only lead to significant savings but also build a buffer against fluctuating electricity costs.

Moreover, the technology from HyPAR Farm facilitates the cultivation of sun-grown products indoors. Through adept management of the Daily Light Integral (DLI) with software support, it allows for the efficient operation of LEDs, preserving the optimum lighting conditions necessary for plant growth. This procedure tends to lower water and nutrient consumption and encourages a conducive atmosphere for indoor living-soil farming, mitigating the complications of pest control and microbial issues.

This indoor farming solution from HyPAR Farm offers multiple benefits, including diminished risks of mold and other potential hazards, primarily by reducing heat load and humidity-related problems. It also provides a secure and hygienic working environment, which could be a selling point for growers marketing their products as sustainably and carefully produced.

HyPAR Farm has substantiated the viability of its technology through demonstration facilities and has secured a patent for its novel method. The firm has shown promising results and has plans for expansion, marking a considerable step towards achieving carbon-neutral cultivation. Pairing this technology with appropriate solar installations could even foster net-positive facilities, alleviating the existing heat load issues and diminishing the carbon footprint linked to indoor farming.

In summary, HyPAR Farm is a company engaged in advancing sungrown indoor farming, offering technological solutions to tackle the difficulties of energy efficiency and sustainability in the sector. Through their patented combination of sun tubes and LED systems, they aspire to foster cost-effectiveness, promote healthy plant growth, and minimize environmental repercussions.


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Images courtesy of Unsplash