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About Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric is a worldwide enterprise focusing on energy management and automation. Their objective is to facilitate the judicious use of energy and resources, aiming to merge progress with sustainability effectively.

Functioning as a digital ally in sustainability and efficiency, Schneider Electric offers a variety of tools and services in several sectors. Their portfolio encompasses a vast array of software, consulting services, and products tailored for industrial, commercial, and residential consumers. They support clients in hastening their digital transformation by offering software, support, and services that cater to their distinctive requirements.

The company has diversified its services into various categories including Field Services, Digital Services, and Consulting Services, with the intent to help customers extract maximum utility from their installations of Schneider Electric equipment in their farms or indoor grows.

Their sustainable solutions feature a spectrum of software options that cater to energy management and automation, industrial automation, and data center management, facilitating the enhancement of sustainability, energy efficiency, and the diminution of carbon emissions for clients.

With operations on a global scale, Schneider Electric serves a multitude of industries encompassing sectors like automotive, e-mobility, cloud and service providers, commercial real estate, and more, offering solutions in diverse fields such as motor management, power and grid, retail, and water management, amongst others.

Consistent efforts are directed towards carving a sustainable future by Schneider Electric, which not only fosters greater efficiency but also enables cost-effectiveness for their clients. They strive to remain abreast of technological developments, presenting customers with the necessary tools to capitalize on the newest trends in energy management and automation.

In conclusion, Schneider Electric develops products and services focused on facilitating growth and sustainability. Their efforts to promote sustainable and efficient energy practices globally allow them to offer clients reliable and updated solutions, contributing to a broader positive impact.


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