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About TC Control Group

TC Control Group Inc is a firm that specializes in crafting comprehensive control solutions suitable for a variety of industries. They maintain a focus on integrating innovative and modern technology to enhance operational performance and efficiency across sectors.

As a firm recognized as a Certified Johnson Controls Integrator and an Argus Controls Reseller and Service Provider, they adhere to principles of precision and consistency in managing every project. The team at TC Control Group is adept at developing control systems tailored to the unique requirements of individual clients.

A significant area of proficiency for the group lies in irrigation and fertigation, sectors where water management plays a pivotal role, notably in greenhouse operations and indoor agriculture. Leveraging advanced control systems and specialized knowledge in these areas, the group assists clients in refining water utilization, facilitating optimal plant growth, and bolstering crop yields.

Furthermore, TC Control Group extends its expertise to the realm of building management systems. They design and implement customized control infrastructures for various establishments, including commercial edifices, laboratories, and facilities involved in life sciences. This initiative aids clients in maintaining an optimal management of vital environments while promoting energy conservation.

TC Control Group Inc emphasizes understanding the unique requirements of their clients, working closely with them to develop solutions that are well-suited to their needs. The team is well-versed in their field, utilizing their substantial knowledge and experience in each project to create reliable and industry-standard compliant control systems.

In their operations, they involve themselves in various aspects such as the development of control systems, offering maintenance services, or aiding in financial planning. They make a effort to stay abreast of the latest developments in the industry, aiming to provide clients with up-to-date solutions.


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