Location: Mölndal, Sweden


About Grow Pipes

Grow Pipes is a company specializing in the development of vertical hydroponic systems. These systems are noted for their space efficiency and environmental sustainability. The company aims to facilitate accessible and sustainable vertical farming solutions, offering a method to produce local and consistent quality produce without occupying much space or utilizing extensive water resources.

The Grow Pipes system, characterized by its compact sections measuring 15 cm in height and 75 cm in diameter, aids in optimizing the cultivation areas, adapting well to both small residential spaces and larger commercial settings. It seeks to assist individuals and businesses in utilizing their available space for rapid and effective crop production, emphasizing reduced water consumption.

In line with sustainable farming, the company focuses on developing farms that operate with limited water use. Their vertical hydroponic systems, which don’t rely on soil, embody a forward-thinking approach to crop production. This method conserves water and grants growers precise control over the nutrient delivery to the plants, thereby fostering optimal growth and higher yields.

Grow Pipes caters to a wide audience, including home growers and commercial operators, offering a user-friendly setup. To facilitate successful plant cultivation, the company furnishes detailed guides and instructions, ensuring that users have access to essential information for successful crop production.

Acknowledged as a prominent entity in the realm of vertical farming and hydroponics, Grow Pipes is committed to popularizing this efficient, environmentally friendly, and space-conserving agricultural method. Their innovative stance on vertical farming advocates for resourceful management, encouraging the consistent production of high-quality crops. By opting for Grow Pipes systems, growers can undertake year-round cultivation efficiently, thereby advancing environmentally friendly agricultural practices.


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Images courtesy of Unsplash