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About GrowFlux

GrowFlux specializes in providing grow light dimmers and schedulers, primarily for indoor agriculture and greenhouse setups. GrowFlux lighting controls facilitate energy-efficient and optimized crop production through its versatile range of intelligent lighting control solutions, which are compatible with various lights.

GrowFlux lighting controls allow growers to easily manage scheduling and dimming, potentially lowering energy usage by a considerable margin, possibly around 30% or more. These controls have crop-specific energy-saving configurations which assist growers in initiating energy conservation from the initial stages, which could facilitate a quicker return on investment.

An essential feature of the GrowFlux lighting control system is its incorporation of lightweight IoT devices. These devices are noted for their potential in reducing capital expenditures, minimizing installation time, and shortening lead times when compared to traditional control systems, thus offering a chance for considerable savings for growers. Moreover, these controls aim to decrease crop stress and enhance the harvest period efficiency by preventing excessive lighting.

The products of GrowFlux are characterized by their reliability, equipped with wireless technology crafted explicitly for horticultural applications. The cloud-enabled controls merge the perks of connected controls with the dependability of in-house control systems, aiming to offer a consistent performance that growers can rely on.

The company’s lighting solutions are designed to be compatible with a majority of popular brands and models, simplifying the process of establishing a lighting profile. These controls, known for their plug-and-play attribute, facilitate swift and straightforward installations, and can be smoothly integrated into existing structures without causing any disruption to the crops.

Furthermore, GrowFlux provides PAR sensing solutions which help in the accurate monitoring of photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) and the daily light integral (DLI). These sensors operate harmoniously with the lighting controls of GrowFlux, enabling growers to fine-tune their lighting systems based on real-time data collection.

Concentrating on energy conservation, reliability, and compatibility, GrowFlux aspires to be a dependable associate for growers who are in search of efficient lighting control solutions to enhance their indoor farming and greenhouse projects.


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