Location: Green Bay, WI


About Fork Farms

Fork Farms operates as a hydroponic technology company in Green Bay, Wisconsin, with a focus on fostering a more efficient and sustainable food system in communities. The company is keen on altering the prevalent dynamics of how people interact with fresh food through their novel strategies.

They have introduced the Flex Farm, a hydroponic technology that facilitates scalable farming. This system permits individuals to venture into farming with the potential to grow up to 3400 plants per year or around 25 lbs of fresh produce every 4 weeks. Despite its substantial capacity, it demands a minimal maintenance time of approximately 2 hours monthly, making it a convenient option for many.

Recognizing the crucial role of education and community engagement in shaping the future of agriculture, Fork Farms integrates STEM learning tools that are in line with Next Generation Science Standards into their approach. This effort is directed towards enabling educators to embed this contemporary style of farming into their teaching modules. Essentially, the Flex Farm aims to be more than just a farming system – it strives to be an educational platform fostering hands-on learning and promoting sustainability and global awareness.

Moreover, the company underscores the value of hydroponics grounded in community participation. They advocate for widespread accessibility to freshly harvested, locally produced food. With the provision of appropriate technology and a broad spectrum of support for growing, the company seeks to nurture a culture of self-reliant farmers who can instigate positive shifts in their communities.

To assist users in achieving successful outcomes, Fork Farms extends comprehensive support through their team specialized in hydroponics. They also facilitate entry to the Farmative community, a platform where growers can engage with peers and exchange insights.

In essence, Fork Farms is actively working towards influencing a progressive shift in farming practices, aiming to establish a food system that is both sustainable and easily accessible to various sectors including individuals, educational entities, and broader communities.


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Images courtesy of Unsplash