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About VertiGrow

VertiGrow is a company that provides software and hardware solutions, such as FarmWare, for controlled environment agriculture, assisting those in the urban farming sector. Their primary objective is to streamline the management processes in farms and enhance overall productivity through the use of technological advancements.

Central to VertiGrow’s services is the FarmWare, a software system developed specifically for farm management. This system assists in the smooth running of daily farm operations, overseeing various aspects such as order management, production planning, packing, and shipping. It aims to facilitate a well-organized workflow with features like live status updates, allowing growers to monitor orders, oversee inventory, and coordinate timely deliveries. The software also creates task sheets and packing lists, making the sales procedure more manageable.

Recognizing the critical role of adhering to food safety norms and regulations in the farming industry, FarmWare includes a feature that helps in maintaining a detailed record of all farm activities. This assists in ensuring compliance with food safety standards, a pivotal aspect in agriculture. The software also incorporates a CRM system designed for microgreens, helping to centralize customer data and streamline customer relationship management processes.

Beyond software, VertiGrow also offers hardware solutions adaptable to various farm sizes. These systems leverage sensor data to manage critical farm equipment like pumps and lights, aiming to facilitate uninterrupted farm operations. The hardware options are designed to be expandable, permitting growers to upgrade their systems in line with the growth of their farms.

Currently, VertiGrow is in the process of enhancing their software with new features, including integrating an e-commerce platform to assist growers in managing live inventory and scheduling crops based on incoming orders. They are also developing features like SMS reminders and loyalty campaigns to foster better customer engagement.

Supporting a global network of urban farms, both large and small, VertiGrow is focused on offering tools and solutions that are affordable yet efficient, aiming to enable growers to succeed in the industry. By fostering efficiency and time-saving practices, VertiGrow hopes to facilitate increased food production in urban areas, addressing the growing needs of urban agriculture.


1. https://vertigrow.io/

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